Pink Parcel Review: My First Box


Bit of a late post for an August box but it didn’t arrive until the 30th. I’ve rescheduled the delivery date so hopefully by October I’ll have reviews up by the end of the month.


 As the monthly subscription boxes have come flying into fashion thick and fast, I’ve been trying to stay away from all the promotion because ‘I don’t need to spend money on things I don’t need’. ‘I don’t need to buy a box full of random beauty products’ because that’s not my thing.

I cancelled my Graze subscription (ok, I’m being a bit hypocritical here, but the only monthly box I’ve ever had) because I could stop being lazy and go buy a bigger packet of nuts for cheaper myself.

Then Pink Parcel came along and twisted my arm….

It caught me off guard in my laziest of hours….. that time of the month. For just £10.50 a month and £6.99 for my first box, I could have all my sanitary needs and more delivered to my door.


What’s Inside?

Two boxes (‘for later’ and ‘for night’) and one handy bag (‘for now’), all containing sanitary towels and tampons. I was impressed. I thought I’d get a handful shoved in the box but they just kept coming.

Then I opened the most exciting box…


What did I get?


A Sachet of Teapigs Matcha Green Tea £11.90 for 14 servings (85p per sachet)

This is the first time I had tried Matcha tea so I was very excited! I love trying new things.

IMG_9401 edit

Experts claim that one cup of Matcha tea has the equivalent health benefits as 10 cups of green tea, however THE SMELL. I was so happy when I read what health benefits the tea could have but after trying it I don’t think I’d be able to incorporate it into my daily tea drinking routine purely based on the smell and the taste. This particular tea smelt of grass which I found unpleasant. I expected it to taste the same but it tasted like the weakest form of tea. Considering I like a good strong tea, this wasn’t too pleasant either. I was disappointed.

Jealous Sweets £2.50 for 50g

IMG_9382 editIMG_9385IMG_9387

It’s pretty sweet that these are made exclusively for the Pink Parcel (Get it? No? Ok bad joke). They cater for vegans and gluten intolerance too. But how do they taste? They taste like your average gummy bears but the texture caught me off guard. When you eat a gummy bear you expect it to be chewy but because there are no ingredients such as gelatine they’re not chewy so I made the mistake of biting down a bit too hard when I first tried them… tooth ache.  Beware of the vegetarian gummy bear!

Sunkissed Shimmer Dust Brush £4.99

When I took this out of the box I had a feeling of nostalgia. I used to look through all the sunkissed items in Bodycare when I was younger but never bought one. Well now I’ve got one!!! The bristles of the brush are a bit rougher than I’d like. This makes the Shimmer Dust fly everywhere if your not careful but the dust is quite subtle and easy to disperse. I’d use this on holiday or for going out at night into town.

So Susan Haute Light Pencil £14.95

IMG_9400 edit

I was baffled by the price of this little pencil and I didn’t have a clue what to do with it at first but I read the advice on where to use it on my face. I applied it as a highlighter under my eyebrows and under my eyes to get rid of dark circles. It’s quite tough to put on and catches the skin which I didn’t like so I won’t be putting it under my eyes again but it did a good job of highlighting my eyebrows. I highly doubt I could use this to highlight my face with. It’s hard to blend in and I’m not sure I’d like a pink highlighter. I’m sticking with my whites and creams for now. This will do for under my eyebrows.


Cougar Beauty 24 Hour Liquid Lipstick in Mulberry £15.00

I’ve been looking at Cougar products for some time now so I let out a girly squeal when i saw this amidst all my prezzies.

IMG_9397 edit

When Cougar says it’s 24 hours… it means 24 hours!  I tested a bit on my hand to show you guys the colour. It was more purple than the packaging but I didn’t mind that. I quite like a purple lip. Anyway, it stained my hand and it damn well would’ve stayed there all day if I’d have let it. It does what it says on the tin!



Sass Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate £12.00 for 100ml (£1.20 for 10ml)

IMG_9402 edit.jpg

Basically, you put this stuff on your foof. It claims to help prevent ingrown hairs and reduce regrowth after shaving. I wouldn’t buy this in shops simply because of the price but it was interesting to try a different skincare product for a different part of my body. I’m not sure whether or not it did any good for my skin. All I could feel after I’d applied it after shaving was a slight burning sensation which I don’t suppose is a good thing. It has, however the rate of regrowth. If I were to buy more I’d use this on holidays.


Emily Fruit Crisps, Crunchy Apple £1.49


I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about fruit crisps. They were really naturally sweet and if you’ve got a sweet tooth they might be a great healthier option for that time of the month. I’m a savoury person and I think I’d rather stick to Pom Bears and Kettle Chips for now.


Estella Bartley Bracelet £12.99

IMG_9404 edit

There were three different bracelets given out this month and I’d bagged this simple but gorgeous black and white one. It feels heavier than it looks but that makes you feel like your wearing an expensive piece.


 The Verdict?

After I’d opened all my goodies, I added the RRP of all the items not including the tampons and pads. All of my items came to £53.97. So for £10.50 a box (£6.99 this month), that’s a bargain, especially if you’re happy with all your products which mostly I was. Although I didn’t enjoy drinking the tea I was chuffed that I’d received something I’ve been wanting to try for ages.

Jewellery, makeup, snacks, tea and tampons delivered to your door…what more does a girl need on her time of the month? Well, maybe a Chinese, some candles, a couple of blankets and a nice warm bath but I don’t think they’d fit in the box!

I hope you enjoyed noseying at my goodies. Let me know?

Love Cocox




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