Birthday Suprises | Llama Trekking

20160730_150241 edit

When I sat down and brainstormed a few blog post ideas, I just knew I had to include this one. It was one of the strangest but most awesome birthday present I’ve ever received!

Yep, this girl went Llama trekking for her birthday!!!

You might think that it’s a very random idea for a birthday present but there is a personal reason behind it, although I didn’t believe it myself when my boyfriend told me what we’d be doing.

It was everything and more than what I was expecting. I thought we would be given a llama, we would walk for a while and give the llama back. I was so wrong.

When we got to Kiln Farm where the llama’s are situated we were given a while to meet the Llama’s and Alpacas. Then, we were introduced to each individual Llama or Alpaca one by one. What surprised me the most was that each animal had its own very distinctive personality which made the experience so much more fun.

Meet Chester the Llama and, Ant or Dec(I can’t remember which one) and Gary Barlow the Alpacas.

We were then assigned a Llama or Alpaca based on theirs and our own personalities and physical appearances. This might seem a bit strange but the trek leader explained to us that some of the llamas prefer to walk with males, females, children, adults, one or two people for example. Me and Dale (the bf) were assigned a Llama named Gus because the leader thought he would be fine with our height differences (4″11 – 6″5). You can read about my height struggles here.

Here’s Gus….

20160730_150136 edit.jpg


He was one of the more laid back llamas, not as naughty as some of the others but did try to eat things he shouldn’t of and would leap into random bushes and trees for a good scratch.

20160730_163155 edit

You might be thinking we must have got covered in Llama spit, but these Llamas are brought up not to spit at humans and only spit at each other.

After the trek had finished we were welcomed with a much needed warm drink and a piece of cake!

Get your bucket list out and write this one down peeps because it was awesome!


Until next time Xx

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