Anyone for a brew?


Good Afternoon!

This one is about TEA! Why? You ask. Well to put it into perspective us Brits consume around 165 million cups of tea A DAY! And there’s only 64 million of us to drink it! Also, I just love tea!

Don’t worry, this post includes you coffee and other hot drink lovers too.

I wanted to write a little story for you guys to get to know me a bit better with a bit of factual entertainment because I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to learning new things, especially if those are weird and wonderful facts! If you like random and probably useless facts, this is a blog post for you! So make a brew, relax and have a read….

Back in 2015 I moved into a rented property with my boyfriend and two of our friends (I’ll get to the tea in a minute, honest). We were all so desperate to move out and get our own place for the first time. This meant we made a very big mistake! Did we check everything was working properly? NO. Did we check the house even had central heating? NOPE. In the end, the house didn’t even have any functioning heating other than an electric fire which cost an absolute fortune to use. We had to resort to electric heaters.

It’s fair to say we froze our tits off in that house. Sometimes it got so cold that I couldn’t even bear to shower because of the wave of what felt like icicles hit my body when I stepped out. Resorting to sink washes and baby wipes was not one of my finer moments in life *Embarrassed monkey face*.

So, every day and night consisted of…. Would you like a brew? Well, yes, of course I wanted a hot drink, because they were the only thing keeping us all from a new ice age! The problem was, I drank both tea and coffee with a cheeky hot chocolate every now and then and for those of you who have a clear preference that’s great but I didn’t and aren’t us girls well-known for being very indesicive? One night I was asked  the same question and had to make that same decision and  for some strange reason I felt like tea stayed warmer for longer than coffee did (this is probably where you should know that i’m a slow drinker and my choice of brew usually goes cold by the time i’ve finished it). So what do you do? You google it. And there you have it guys, if you didn’t know already, tea ACTUALLY stays warmer for longer than coffee. Before you say it, I like the same mount of milk and water in my tea as i do my coffee. So, if it’s ever a choice of life or freeze, you know what’s going to keep you warmer for longer.

Along with a good passion for tea, comes my love for cups and mugs! Here’s a little look at some of my faves in the cupboard.

tea collage

Here’s my new favourite cup in action…


If any of you fellow muggles were eyeing up the Harry Potter mugs, you’ll have to visit the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour in Watford and splurge in the gift shop. It’s awesome FYI.

I’ve always wondered, what IS the difference between a cup and a mug. When is a cup a cup and not a mug and vice versa? So I did my research and apparently mugs are bigger and thicker than cups. Also, tea is drank in CUPS all over the world, whereas hot drinks such as coffee and hot chocolate are usually served in MUGS. So there you have it. Now you know!

20160805_140840 (1).png

Lastly, but not least, I really want to know, is it just me who microwaves their cuppa if it goes cold or is that just weird? (I don’t like wasting things).


What’s your choice of hot drink when you feel cold? Drop me a comment and let me know!

Love Cocox

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