What I’m Watching


If you’ve come here in search of typically girly TV talk… I’m sorry but you’ve come to the wrong post because this one’s full of zombies, outer space and vikings!


What I’ve watched recently

Alaskan Bush People

If you like reality and documentary style programs, ABP could be the one for you.
It follows a family that have chosen to make  a life for themselves in the Alaskan bush. They build their homes by hand, out of wood and recycled parts. They wash in the outdoors and they survive off the nature that surrounds them.

Jungle Book

giphy jungle book.gif
I was lucky enough to get to watch the Jungle Book at work last week. I was unsure of whether or not I wanted to watch it at all. Would it ruin my childhood memories of the older film? Will it do the jungle book any justice? But, as I started to watch the film I realised it was so long ago that I’d watched the older film that I couldn’t remember quite a bit of the story. This meant I was watching with fresh eyes and very little expectation. I watched the film as I would one that I had never seen before and it exceeded my expectations. The graphics are immense!


What I’m watching

Fear the walking dead

A spin off from The Walking Dead. It’s no walking dead but it’s keeping me going while I’m waiting for the walking dead to start again in October.

Doctor Who

I’m slowly rewatching all the Doctor Who series from scratch with the BF because he’s never seen it before. SACRILIDGE! Although, I stopped watching it when Peter Kipaldi arrived so those episodes will be new to me too.

Dark Matter

Dark matter follows a group of people on a spaceship who wake up in stasis pods and have no recollection of how they got there or who they are. The newly formed crew encounter twists and turns as they try to figure out who they are and how they got there. Not a program I thought I could get into so easily, but I did. Such simple themes but executed so well meant it didn’t take me long to become invested in the characters. If I tell you that Ruby Rose is in it… have I twisted your arm yet?

Orphan Black

giphy orphan black.gif
This program is so different from any other that I’ve watched before which is one of the reasons I love it so much. It’s a drama that follows a bunch of women that all look identical to each other but lead very different lives. Yep…. they’re clones. Tatiana Maslany’s acting is astounding. She plays approx. 6 different characters, that I know of so far. Each role she plays is impeccable. I have to remind myself that each character is the same actor.


Baking is the new fashion. I just wish I could bake. So instead, I watch the experts, and why wouldn’t I when I’m sat on the edge of my seat every time someone’s in danger of having a ‘soggy bottom’ or someone’s holding their masterpiece a bit too precariously. Do I need to mention the death stare of  the grey god that is Paul Hollywood.


What I’m waiting for


If you’ve never seen or heard of Scorpion, I implore you to give it a try. The show is based around a group of geniuses who come together to form a working group that can just about solve anything. It’s one of my favourite programs. Some people say they can’t get into it because the first couple of episodes are far fetched but give it a few episodes and you’ll be sold. I agreed with this opinion but I think this was the show trying to wow people to draw people in at first. I’ve cried and laughed at probably nearly every episode of Scorpion. It gets you right in the feels as you become invested in each of the characters.

Walking dead – 23rd October!

I pick zombies over chick flicks everytime. The last episode left me on the edge of my seat ,screaming at the telly because……. ‘THEY CAN’T END IT LIKE THAT…. I NEED TO KNOW… NOW!!!!!


Rumour had it that vikings would be back in Autumn. Well, Autumn’s here so where are my rugged muscly angry men with axes?!? I told myself I would never let this program overtake Game of Thrones as my favourite….. but it did. So it must be pretty awesome right?


Because, why wouldn’t I be? And you should be too!


What’s next on my list

Stranger things

So everyones been going on about this series. Ive been wanting to watch stranger things since I first saw the trailer so I’m putting this one on my ‘next to watch’ list amongst many others but this one’s sitting at the top for now.


What are you watching at the moment? Any recommendations?


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