My First Month of Blogging



Let me start by saying, my first month of blogging has been interesting to say the least!
I thought I’d  prepared myself and researched a lot but as my first month of blogging progressed I learnt pretty quickly that blogging is like that onion in shrek.  It’s got a shit ton of layers. I’m going to talk about a couple in this post.


Social Media: Goals and Interaction

I never had a functioning Twitter account before I started blogging. When I set up my account I realised that people seemed quite bothered about how many followers they had on Twitter and Instagram etc. I thought this was pretty lame and I didn’t understand it. It seemed desperate and beggy when I saw people asking for follows and advertising posts constantly.

Then when I started blogging, it clicked. The more followers you have the more people are likely to interact with your blog or business. The more you advertise the more likely you are to get more views. Duh.

So I thought I’d jump on the goal train and see what it was all about.

I wrote 4 goals down.

Instagram: 200 followers
Instagram is HARD. It’s brutal. 
 Did I Reach My goal? NO. No I did not. I didn’t quite realise how much hard work instagram can be and how dissapointing it can be when you post a picture of your face and 20 people unfollow you! Instagram is one big game and you’ve got to know all the rules to really get the outcomes you’re looking for. I’m still learning.

I’ve found already that my worst pet peeve is businesses following and unfollowing. I downloaded the followers insight app for insta and I can guarantee I wake up to ‘5 new unfollowers’ every morning and I can also guarantee that 90% of these are businesses trying to grow their following.

Twitter: 200 followers
Twitter is a lot easier to gain followers on than instagram and it took this month for me to figure all of this out. I reached over 300. Which I feel like is a good start for me. Very small to some but very appreciated by me. Now I can set my October goals a lot higher and look forward to interacting with lots of new people.

Blog: To have 10 blog posts.
I managed 9, this would’ve been the 10 if I’d have written it sooner. I thought this would be a good average to stick to but I’ve realised with 2 jobs and a small business to run alongside them, this is probably a goal too far. For this month, I’ll be happy if I can post more than once a week.

I’ve also realised that I’m not confident in advertising my content yet as I’m still getting into the swing of my writing style and the posts I like to produce. I want to concentrate more on the content rather than the quantity.

Interaction: To join my first twitter chat and try to engage with other bloggers.
This one was the most nerve racking and difficult part of blogging for me. I’m used to being in my own little bubble with a cup of tea and my laptop for company.

At first, I just stalked Twitter chats as they went by, just to get a feel of what they were like, what the topics of conversation were and who joined in. After a couple of weeks I plucked up the courage to join my first chat (#beechat). It was a highlight of my online month. Everybody was so welcoming, friendly and supportive. I laughed, smiled and learnt a lot. For now, I’m hoping to join at least one chat a week.



The photography involved has to be one of my favourite parts of blogging. After envying all of the photography I was spotting all over people’s blogs and Instagram, I soon upped my photography game.

I read blog post after blog post and tip after tip on how to edit photographs properly, what apps and online resources there were to choose from and how best to get my posts on Instagram out there as much as possible. I was lucky enough to be able to keep a family members camera at my house. And, the most exciting part of it all is that I’ve gone blog prop mad. Every time I go out of the house I come back with random objects (straws, mason jars, candles, notebooks, marshmallows, sequins)…. anything that I think might look good in a picture. Unfortunately, my bank account doesn’t like me so much for it. I can’t do my weekly shop in Tesco with wondering which fruit or vegetable would be the most Instagrammable object! Is this normal? PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS NORMAL!!!

IMG_9299 edit.jpg


Social media and photography have been the 2 main things that I feel have consumed the most of my time since I started blogging. Sometimes, I despise how social media takes me away from real life but at times I love it when it gives me the results I want. Last month I also found out how I can deal with this effectively and at the moment I’m figuring out and messing around with various social media schedulers (HootSuite and Buffer for example).

There’s so much more I could delve into in this post, but you’ve probably already told me to shut up by now!

So, if you have any advice, tips, recommendations or feedback, I’d love to hear it!


Bye bye for now! Chloe x



2 thoughts on “My First Month of Blogging

  1. Ah, I loved this! Really honest and I found myself going “YES! Me too!” Really great idea to set yourself those goals. I like it! Brutal but no doubt keeps you driven to post. I need to a kick up the bottom to get writing! Keep up the good work!


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