Pink Parcel Review: October



Hi guys!

This is a peek inside my third Pink Parcel and I was more impatient and excited to receive it than the previous months. I’m starting to think that I should have started a subscription box a long time ago, because it feels like my birthday every month!

If you want to see the full shabang (packaging and all) you can read my very first Pink Parcel review here.

Unfortunately, this months is the box that I’ve enjoyed the least. Apart from the usual lady bits (tampons and pads) that obviously come in quite handy, here’s what I got…


We Are Tea ‘Soothe’ (£3.49 for 12 bags)

IMG_0209 edit.jpg

With Pink Parcel you get a different type of tea every month and that’s one thing I can’t fault about he subscription. I love my cups of tea and I drink a wide variety of it so it’s great when I get to try a new one every month. This particular tea was mint, ginger and fennel. I thought the ginger would be too overpowering and I wouldn’t like it but it was actually quite nice and I managed to get 2 cups out of it.


Tipple Tails Coco Bazaar (£15.95 for 454g)


I also love receiving something to nibble on every month but I was disappointed by this months offering. It was a good chunk of chocolate fruit cake. I’m not a big fan of fruit cake at the best of times but I thought the ‘chocolate’ might make it quite tasty. I couldn’t taste the chocolate and the cake itself actually tasted quite strange with other ingredients added in such as ‘Turkish Delight Liquor’.


Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm (£16.50 for 100ml)


I’ve been noticing that with Pink Parcel you always get a little bit of luxury and I’m quite sure that this month, this particular product is it. It’s a cleansing balm that literally melts the makeup off your face and it smells lush.


Barry M Eyeshadow in Mushroom  (£2.99)


I’ve never had a Barry M eyeshadow that hasn’t been the glitter dust ones so I was happy to receive this but ‘Mushroom’ isn’t really my colour so I gave it to someone who’s colour it really is… my Mum.


Vita Coco Coconut Oil (£5.99 for 250ml)


Who’s not on the Coconut oil hype? I’m always stocked up with this stuff so a small sample is not really something I wanted to receive in my monthly gift box but I won’t complain too much because I know it will get used.


Sass Purifying Cleanser (£7 for 100ml)


You may have seen in my August box that I received another Sass product (perfect skin concentrate) which ‘helps to prevent in grown hairs after shaving, reduce hair regrowth and soothe post shave/wax’. This month I got a different one from the Sass range. It’s a purifying cleanser that ‘ensures everyday freshness and maintains intimate harmony’. I’d never looked into skin care for down there before until I received these and they seem to do what they claim quite well so I’ll be intrigued to use the other products in the range in future.


Dr Paw Paw Original Clear Balm (£6.95 for 25ml)


This has come in really handy. I love products that can multitask. Just like the coconut oil you can use it for pretty much anything beauty related… dry skin, cracked lips, split ends. Dr Paw Paw has it covered, and it’s completely scentless.


Anatomicals: Grease isn’t the word Mattifying Face Mask (£3 each)


I’ve recently seen this brand popping up all over blogs, Instagram and Twitter so I was happy to be a newly pledged part of the club when I received this. I’m yet to give it a try but because a lot of my face is actually dry, I’ll only be putting this product on my forehead. I hope it helps!

Rare Nail Polish Set (£11.95 a set)


I was excited to receive nail varnish in my parcel this month…. a product I ‘ve not had yet but once again all three are just not my colour. This particular set is named ‘chocoholics’ and has nail stickers that give the effect of sweets on your nails which again is not my thing.


Maybe next month I’ll be loving my box just as much as I did the first two months.


What do you think of these products? Have you tried any?

Coco Xx

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