Hi guys!

About me eh? Well that’s a hard one because I like a bit of everything….so I’m going to fill this blog with a bit of everything! Does that make me an lblogger? I don’t know but I think it does. (I’ve been trying to learning the lingo…)

Cups and cups and cups of tea, dance in pants, sausage rolls, candles, STOOORAAAAAGE, days off, vikings (as in the TV show, not bearded men with axes), tattoos, blankets, gaming, FOOOOOD, singing badly, baths and all things bath (bombs), snapchat filters, cheeese and more cheese, epic failure at beauty, bit of a man, cooking, shopping, passion fruit flavours, jigsaws, hot chocolate, music, jewellery, fruity wine and ciders, perfume, health and fitness but an absolute foodie if you havn’t guessed, buying things I don’t need, hoarding things I don’t use, useless at baking but will give it a go.

I have 2 jobs (Carer and Playworker) and most recently I’ve become a business owner and a┬áblogger!

Why Coco? Because whenever I hear the word Coco, I think of me and I want to fill my own little online space with all things me. My loves. My passions. My rants and raves.

There’s 12 years between me and one of my younger sisters and growing up she couldn’t say Chloe, and the next best thing was Coco. It’s stuck ever since.

If you want to know anything else, drop me a message. I’d love to chat. Also you can find out more about me here.

Love Cocox

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